New Suggestion for Partying Up


I don’t want to be that one guy who’s like “I just started playing the game, let me tell you everything that needs to change about it” cause that’s just obnoxious.

However, I do have a suggestion for the party mode/queuing up with other players. It would be great if we could save the party up settings to use in future missions. Not that it takes a ton of time, but it does get a little tiresome to start a mission, scroll over to “Only Contacts” and then set the player count to what we want it to be every single time. I’d love to see like a one-click “save/load party settings” button. Don’t know a lot about the technical backend of that, but it would save a ton of people a ton of time and effort. :slight_smile:


This could be done, but I fear that it would cause more problems than it solves in cases where players forget to revert the settings to single-player, inadvertently starting a multiplayer game by mistake (which might cause disqualification from competitive missions).

P.S. I see a lot of people like this, so maybe it won’t be such a problem after all? Any comments?


He just suggested it now on his stream of CIU, hence the likes, but honestly it would be nice to have.

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I don’t think it’d be a problem if you load the settings only when you click a certain button


I mean, it is good enough, you’re doing some missions with friends and you want to keep up the exact same amount and stuff, it’d be pretty helpful.


most of the people from CI discord sees the stream and he suggested during his stream
but most of time, its kind of useful if they did set the password in private mode

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I could see that. Again, I’m still relatively new to the whole scene, but maybe if it started on Single-player by default, and you had a one-click load party config button or something like that, it could work without too many issues.


I overlooked that in the original suggestion. Agreed – if the settings were only loaded/applied once you select the “multiplayer” button, then it would be a much more streamlined experience.

I’ll add this in the next update.


Fun Fact: it still havent been 30 minutes and IA wants to add it
Also the idea looks good :))


Can’t deny such a good idea my man


Why wouldn’t i think of this lol
Yeah it was a problem for me but i never thought about it

Good job
You got your idea being added

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Interesting idea!

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Added to v.104 :medal_sports: Idea

Actually, since there is a green tickmark over the multiplayer button whenever multiplayer is active, I don’t think there’s much chance of confusion. So, all multiplayer settings now straight up persist.


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