New structures to the map, and 2 mission types

The new Structures:
So i was thinking about adding say Henterprise to the map as a boss.
Each boss has a different difficulty, or Varient in the case of Henterprise/Egg cannon
So lets say your exploring a star system, There’s a henteprise class battleship on that nearby planet,You decide to fight it.Then you win and the battle ship from the map will start to explode.
Same thing for other ships, Like the yolk star. However henterprise can retreat, And be destroyed once you fight it again

Comet belt
Basically, CTRL C + CTRL V asteroid belt and change it from asteroid to comets
Dont question it

The 2 Mission types
Artifact recovery
So you can recover Artifacts from planets and either sell them for cash,Or use them to upgrade your ships stats. Say weapon damage as an example.Its pretty much treasures from Battle Cats but chicken themed .This also means returning boss like The Heart Of Darkness, And new ones can be added as the community suggests them.

Planetary Re-Entry
It can only happen on Terran/Alien World planets. A kind of planet that looks habitable and has water
or Land. This also means re-adding the Barn House from CI5.


Great idea!

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i wonder how many times these have been suggested


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