New Special Weapon: Circular Destruction

This special weapon is in the form of a circle around you (around a ship) and the duration of this weapon is 20 seconds, and this circle when you touch anything you destroy it literally, but with a speed of destruction of only 60%, because the circle is red and does not move like a protection circle, at the beginning of the level, but without getting bigger and smaller and the price of this The special weapon is 7 pieces with 150 keys, and this is a new special weapon. Thank you for the game

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Basically Mines and Poultry Paybacks


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This is an example

It’s almost the same.

Same thing you said or what?

Please, the difference is looks.

Do you mean to change the shape because it looks like protection?

Whatever, i dont care.

Why don’t you care about my thoughts?

I don’t know. It’s OP, we already have many OP stuff. It’s similar to stuff we have.

But what I said there is no basis, and no one thought of it

I’m not gonna start an argument here.

ok so bye my idea

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@karas if you have better ideas, so publish it. But if we encountered more stupid or too OP like this, then will have flag strike :slight_smile:

Dont even spam like “This is the best idea” but in fact that is too OP or STUPID. That won’t makr your idea become better

I’m a Regular, if you want me to flag something that he made ping me.

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Aha, so what flags do we have?

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There are other Regulars, not just me.

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