New Special Weapon(?): Caffeinated Caffeine (Midnight Oil?)

Okay, I know a lot of guys have suggested Time Slowing thingies before, but here’s my own spin on it.
(Also a homage to how 2db uses coffee as an instrument)

A Special Brew from the Deep Fried Chicken Labs, designed for UHF Reconnaissance
Units who felt that a Doppio Ristretto from Spacebeans couldn’t keep them up at midnight.

A brew so strong, everything will seem slow to you, as you feel that rush of concentrated
caffeine in your bloodstream. It also greatly improves your reaction time!

DISCLAIMER: Deep Fried Chicken Labs are not responsible for any of the following side
effects: Jet-Lag, Degradation of Time Perception, Nausea, Insomnia, Food Coma.

Effect: Lasts 7 seconds. Slows down EVERYTHING, except the timer and your ship speed. This also increases your ship speed as much as equipping 8 maneuvering jets. Slows you down to a crawl for a brief moment after the effect ends.

This also slows your fire rate, since everything seems slow to you. After all, how would a caffeine rush affect your weapon?

Stacking the effects of this special weapon adds to the duration of the effect. It also slows you for longer when it ends, in proportion to how many units you used at a time.

Cost: 8 keys per unit. Sold in packs of 9.


OP, but good.


well its a special weapon soooo


Also the life is enthusiastic

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come to think of it, im not sure how this would affect multiplayer

would it slow everyone down except the user?


Not really

maybe slow everything down for the other players as well,

and only the player who activates the special weapon gets the speed boost? (Everyone else moves normally)

Though idk if that’d be possible to add

i guess it could just be a speed boost for you in multiplayer

an increase in fire rate and movement speed, but your speed gets crippled when it ends

outside of multiplayer it does the slowdown


oh, it’s like that one Johnny Test episode. I think this is nice, compared to the hero getting (THE WORLD) or some other time bending ability

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Stops time in a colorful effect

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I think he meant not making the special weapon effective that much. since this one can give you time to dodge bullets very easily. specially in waves like pulsating/palpitating grid, Wormholes.etc

well thats what it’s supposed to do

a matrix time

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