New special effects for every Space Crab

As we all know, every Space Crab except 2.0 has 4 green liquid containers. Every 20%, one container is destroyed and the glass breaks, but how about a sparks or fire floating above each container after it is destroyed?

But that’s not all, I also suggest that, after 50% Space Crab has flowing current on him, it’s such an additional damage effect. It passes through the arms and the middle part at random and cannot kill the player!

The less life a Crab has, the more flowing current. Note that the color matches the color of the containers.


Not bad, its a good idea

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Like it but this thing disturbs me

Where the hecc are those oxygen came from?


Chickens in space

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They don’t commit inhale oxygen

Space physics bro lol

I mean, in a society with warpspeed technology you can just give them oxygen tank implants or something.

No fire in space, though, please.

iA please tell us what that fluid is


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