New special...again: CFO/Collect bot

Hate when you can’t collect food or power ups on safe zone waves or being a slow bomber?

then say hi to CFO
upon using, the CFO will be launch in your ship and then it travels to the almost at the middle of the screen.

After it reaches it destination, it’ll suck all collectables such as food, coin, atoms,… (except gifts)

if there’s no food or reaches 20 second limit, it’ll travel up to the top of your spaceship and drop a air supply-like item that has everything it collected a while ago and then run away you can’t kill the CFO because that is your CFO


this remind me of CI 2


This reminds me of appetite attractor

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How does parachute work in space?

The same way as the balloons from CI3.

Answer this first: how does balloon works in space?

Even if you’re in space, there’s still gravity… so parachutes still work the same as how balloons work in CI3.

just believe in gravity

Although the 4th picture won’t favor the player at all times, especially when the “safe zone” is moving.

That box reminds me Island Wars 2.

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