New spawn shield idea

Wormhole spawn shield like ci5 s wormhole but a bit smaller that ship fit into it

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can you stop making 10 topics everyday
just merge them all into a single topic and please just give more context how am i supposed to know what you mean with only 5 words you use for an explanation
also, most ideas have been already suggested
there’s a :mag: icon and if you press it, a page magically opens up for you and just do some research there


Do i make 10 topics EVERYDAY !!! what

Dimensional Phase-Outs already exist.

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Lol you ok bro did i talk about phase outs this spawn shield harpoint

Sorry, I had a hard time understanding what you said. As for your hardpoint idea, we already have the corona spawn shield hardpoint. Just customize it so it looks as much like a wormhole as possible.

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Idk if I’m dumb or not but there is also those custom spawn shield hard points so you can make ci5 (example)

well i dont think it really looks like a wormhole but this is another thing its only wormhole

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