New spacecraft type

Spacecraft type info

Name type: Striker

Role: Elite Force

Model: My apologize. Because i’m kinda bad at drawing, i will let everyone thinking about the model for this spacecraft type.

Manufacturer: UHF Secret Project

List of spacecraft:

  • Striker X100 Bellum

  • Striker X200 Dominari

  • Striker X300 Aurum

  • Striker X400 Silentium (Limited Edition, only in R&D event)

Striker X100 Bellum

Hardpoint: 4

Slots: 14

Satellites: 3 (2 on the sides, and 1 in the front)

Features: Triple engines, front-facing satellite slot

Size: 20 pixels

Price: 3125 keys

Striker X200 Dominari

Hardpoint: 5

Slots: 18

Satellites: 4 (2 on each side like M404 and M408)

Features: Coolant Extra (20 extra points for heat sink)

Size: 22 pixels

Price: 3437 keys

Striker X300 Aurum

Hardpoint: 6

Slots: 22

Satellites: 5 (The same pattern like BX-9)

Features: Additional force to hold satellites

Size: 24 pixels

Price: 3781 keys

Striker X400 Silentium

Hardpoint: 6

Slots: 26

Satellite: 6 (Image just for visual understand) (Remeber, just for imagination, Striker do not use the same model as Muller is)

Features: Damage Shockwave (Increase every weapon’s damage to 110% than it is normally)

Size: 26 pixel

Price (If someone want to sell to Galactic Store): 2999 keys

R&D Event to obtain Striker X400 Silentium


  • Complete 20 mission in 7 days to get Striker X400 Silentium. To get more reward, ranking top 10 in mission 20.
  • On each days, several missions will be unlocked, and the player must complete every mission step by step (For example, day 1 have 3 missions, and you must complete mission 1 to enter mission 2, also, you can not enter mission 4 until day 2)


  • Day 1: Proxima Centauri

    • Mission 1:

      • Codename: First Impression

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 2x5

      • Difficulty: 10-40%

    • Mission 2:

      • Codename: Quick Race

      • Type: Comet Chase 1x7

      • Difficulty: 20-50%

      • Limited Condition: No Special Weapon

    • Mission 3: Qualification Mission Of Day 1

      • Codename: R&D Experience Mission Day 1

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 2x10

      • Difficulty: 10-50%(+10%)

  • Day 2: The Solar System

    • Mission 4:

      • Codename: Explosive Fire

      • Type: Meteor Storm 1x8

      • Difficulty: 20-50%

    • Mission 5:

      • Codename: Quick Preparation

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 3x6

      • Difficulty: 30-60%

      • Limited Condition: Unprepare

    • Mission 6: Qualification Mission Of Day 2

      • Codename: R&D Experience Mission Day 2

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 3x10

      • Difficulty: 25-60%(+10%)

  • Day 3: LTT 1445

    • Mission 7:

      • Codename: Underneath Pressure

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 3x7, Hot, Massive

      • Difficulty: 25-40%

    • Mission 8:

      • Codename: Hyper Shockwave

      • Type: Supernova 2x5, Hot, Massive

      • Difficulty: 30-70%

      • Limited Condition: No Satellite

    • Mission 9: Qualification Mission Of Day 3

      • Codename: R&D Experience Mission Day 3

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 4x9, Hot, Massive

      • Difficulty: 40-65%(+20%)

  • Day 4: Research Headquarter

    • Mission 10:

      • Codename: Severe Emergency

      • Type: Hybrid 7x10

      • Difficulty: 0-100%

    • Mission 11: Qualification Mission Of Day 4

      • Codename: R&D Experience Mission Day 4

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 4x10

      • Difficulty: 45-70%(+20%)

  • Day 5: Bootes Void

    • Mission 12:

      • Codename: Weapon Speciality

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 2x10 (Notice: This is a Weapon Training mission)

      • Difficulty: 60-85%

    • Mission 13:

      • Codename: Potential Danger

      • Type: Darkness 3x10

      • Difficulty: 70-90%

      • Second winning criteria: No more than 3 deaths

      • Limited Condition: No Special Weapon, No Satellite

    • Mission 14: Qualification Mission Of Day 5

      • Codename: R&D Experience Mission Day 5

      • Type: Darkness 5x8

      • Difficulty: 60-80%(+30%)

      • Second winning criteria: No more than 3 Special Weapons

  • Day 6: TON 618

    • Mission 15:

      • Codename: Time Perfection

      • Type: Retro 3x7

      • Difficulty: 70-100%

    • Mission 16:

      • Codename: Gravitational Shockwave

      • Type: Hybrid 4x10

      • Difficulty: 70-100%(+10%)

    • Mission 17:

      • Codename: Heat Accretion

      • Type: Supernova 5x6 (Hot, Massive)

      • Difficulty: 70-100%(+10%)

      • Second winning criteria: No Overheat

    • Mission 18:

      • Codename: Event Horizon

      • Type: Boss Rush 1x10

      • Difficulty: 70-100%(+10%)

    • Mission 19: Qualification Mission Of Day 6

      • Codename: R&D Experience Mission Day 6

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 5x9

      +Difficulty: 75-80%(+30%)

  • Day 7: Déjà vu

    • Mission 20-END: Competition Race

      • Codename: R&D Competition Mission Day 7

      • Type: Chicken Invasion 4x10

      • Difficulty: 60-80%(+40%)

Event reward: Ranking is based on the last result’s time you played.

  • Complete mission 20 at least once: Striker X400 Silentium

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd: 200 keys and medal “The Greatest R&D Player Of All Time”

  • 4th → 10th: 100 keys

  • 11th → 50th: 50 keys

  • 51st → 100th: 20 keys

  • Outside top 100: 10 keys


you forgot to translate this


Oh, sorry about that, i have fixed it.

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This exists:

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A seperate one may attract better, at least that is what i think

Anyway, do you have any comment about this idea ? I’m glad to hear.

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whatever man its a long post and if he post it there it would be the biggest text wall


very interesting


As for @InterAction_studios : You can change anything in this idea as you want. This idea is not perfect after all.

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he always change ideas to put it in the game don’t worry


Well, Strike i think it’s will be ok :v
But about the mission??
First, why don’t you get each day flying with 1 same Chicken Invasion.
Second, To get the Strike 400, why it’s so long time, you know there will be somepeople can’t have much time to play.

Is this Ironman Competition?? Playing ironman in 1 day, why :grinning: if you says that, people who don’t have CHL still can fight Double Team waves??
Yes, that’s my opinion. I don’t know how to say about your idea :v That’s all.

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Still, they can fiy this mission without CHL. This event is decided by skill. To be honest, there is no absolutely equal, but i will try to make it most fair as possible as i can make it be.

No, but in order to have no misunderstood, i will decrease its difficulty: 60-80%(+40%). Also, i remove all environment to make this mission easier.

For this event, the answer is YES. Absolutely YES.

I suggest there will be no Double Team in your event. UHF said “Player need CHL to play because of the dangerous nature”. Boss >120% will so hard with anypeople who don’t have CHL (expect some man).
Second, i think you distribute the difficult not reasonable.

And day7:

That’s all

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Thank you for the comment. Because of that unbalance, i have nerf all R&D Qualification Mission for casual players.

  • Every qualification missions in every day were nerf. You should check again.
  • Double Team were also removed as well. Some players can complain about this fact, however casual players shouldn’t suffer by those crazy double bosses.

I dunno if that is hardcore type (similar to ironman), but this is an interesting thing for me

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The lastest nerf: Striker X400 Silentium can be obtained when you finish mission 20, not as rare as before.

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