New spacecraft family: RX

Power level:
8 for 203, 9 for 303 and 10+(max) for 480
This family have little smaller hitbox than muller type. Light and fast

Company: space tech
Role: striker

15.5 for 203
14.82 for 303 and 13.65 for 480

203 with 5095/kg
303 is 5500/kg
480 is 6075/kg

(Uncommon, rare, legend)
Thrust increase 2 for each rarity
Mass decrease 200/kg each rarity

Hitbox: small than muller: compare with normal story ship muller m404 pi:
84px for 480
82px for 303 and 203 with 74px
Decrease 4px each higher rarity

1 for 203
2 for 303 and 3 for 480

Ability: speed up cooldown of heatsink:
by 5% for 203
6% for 303 and 8% for 480

Can equip 2 auxiliary at the same time (all)

But if this type appear with 2 auxiliary in heat planet, acumulator is disable
And all the time when go to heat planet, weapon will heat up faster by 1.5x compare to other type
But if mount 1 of type of auxiliary. Acumulator is work normal

But it will still heat up faster when acumulator not working

After new type of spacecraft, i have new auto use item

Hull expand: allow to counter heat invironment for this ship type, other just can use too

If u no die, u will never lost this item

Thx for read that

Picture i take from random printerest


more sounds like nvida


U right, i put that name for this type of ship when i think about gpu card :rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:

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You need to design the spacecraft you want to add in game, maybe people see your post more


Also i need some information about that spacecraft like: Which company build this spacecraft? What is the purpose of build this spacecraft for?, etc,…


could make a sample of that ship

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bored by using 4 ships ? , this is new , something different to try , nice and cool spaceship but provide some more information. Its price ? mass and thrust ?

I think company will be (space tech)??? How do u feel?

I think im just design fighter aircraft like that but because i draw so bad, if i sketch 1 aircaft, i would like to based on this plane :_)))

I also want to give spacecraft ideas but problem is about draw / sketch because i am using PC but I don`t know which software is best for build 3D spaceship :frowning:
please someone tell me that which software is good for 3D spaceship building please .

Price would be set by IA :)))), idea of me but i leave ia to do that, thrust, i think u right, i fogot that :_))))

No it doesn’t. The last one is literally AMD’s gpu which was extremely popular: RX480

Question, why did you use “added” tag in the topic. It was supposed to be for ideas that made it into the game. In fact why do many other people use it for their ideas that didn’t get added yet?

For 3D modelling Blender is standard classic. Though you don’t need it if you can just make some mashups using photoshop like programs. Paint,net for example. Just take some existing photos and modify them to your needs.

what about the legendary RX 7600 XT? :joy: (anyways good idea)

Name something specific
like: H&C are Henne & Cock

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• Rigel & Xenon
• Rho & X-ray
• Rigel & Xena
• Rygel & Xibalba
• Rigel & Xol

What do you think? @uchiha-kazuto

ask the author of this

Uh i think i has create my own name :smile:


Not necessary, as BX doesn’t stand for anything we know as of yet.

bx means : Best X-ray? :rofl: :rofl:

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