New SpaceCraft! : Excel-15-HatchChick

Hello Guys.I was thinking why not add a Legendary SpaceCraft in Chicken Invaders Universe? I designed a SpaceCraft that is the exact same spaceships as the movie Lightyear 2022. I named it Excel-15-HatchChick.

I Hope This Idea, make sure Useful. Thank you and please Don’t Forget Follow My Post.


Cool design!
But what are its strengths and weaknesses?

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Potential names for other HatchChick models:

Excel-16-EggCluck (better HatchChick)
Excel-17-MoorHuhn (best HatchChick)

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taking the exact same design from other media wouldnt be allowed


As enticing the idea is, there’s no way IA would take this very well.

This is why Millennium Hatchling (Hen Solo’s ship) is not added into CIU: copyright reasons.


imma having a star wars feeling with this ship

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