New site version

Hey guys. Today admins released a new version of site on mobile. I noticed it with a few things. Some of them is only for mobile. Tell me if I miss anything.

#When you click your profile on up right. A sidebar opens from right. Beforely opens from middle.(Lags for my phone. Not sure about others.)

#New theme for whole forum.

#More rectangular buttons.

#Some button remade on main forum page.(Possibly)

#Darker format for header. Lighter format for background.

#New faq page.

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Yeah, it was changed.

Writing everything I noticed. Tell me if I miss something.

% I don’t uſe the forum on mobile.
% I have noticed the changes, however.
% Rectangular is the word you’re looking for.

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To whom? For what?



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Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one that noticed

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Where’s the FAQ page?

It’s pinned in the menu (3 lines icon):

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That’s more like a preface and/or rules rather than actual FAQ but nonethenless it’s good to have something like that around, although it’s not what it’s meant to be.

I’m not crazy about this update, but the forum runs on a managed host and it just updates whenever it pleases.


Well. That’s not good. I don’t like the new topics list - it’s harder to look up or in simpler words - much less readable.
However we can live with this. You don’t plan to have forum after CIU release, right?


From many posts I saw… you are just one community manager right? Must have been busy in the idea craze! (Now it’s gone to normal)

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It will be crazy when they will be returning to ideas that they gave “heart” - liked. Explosion of new things never seen in previous CI parts. Wonderful future to look for as a player.


Preſumably they keep a a liſt of ideas elſewhere for eaſiër acceſs.

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