New Ship Customization Idea: Spacecraft Flags

I have an idea for a new ship customization idea, basically how it works is it would be another hardpoint that would be a flag, so if you want to mount your countries flag on your spaceship somewhere you can, it it doesn’t just have to be your countries flag, it can be a flag of anything, the idea is you can design it with anything and can color the different parts of it different colors. Anyways, post down below what you think.


i’m having a feeling of go kartsRadio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart, 24 Volts, Outdoor Ride-on Toy for Kids, Pink

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The flag would be mountable like strobes, except you can place them in the middle of your spacecraft too.

And in the customization for it you would be able to make any kind of design on it that you want, or there can be an option that has a selection of all world flags so you can put your countries flag on your spaceship, also it would be visible on the galactic map.

well flags in space is a out of physics

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There wouldn’t move very much

thats is more true than my statement


They just don’t wiggle around due to nearly non-existent air resistance in space, that’s all.


Exactly, I think they would slower like move around but now very fast

We literally have flying chickens in space in this game…


Thank you, it’s a good idea

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