New Satelite: Egg Blast

Hey guys I thought it would be nice to have this satellite in the game. :sunny:
The satellite can be used 3 times. when you use this satellite all of the eggs in the scene will be blasted with a high damage but with little radius. In fact having 2 usages, get rid of eggs and pop chickens. :slight_smile:
Note: It won’t work on bosses :confused:
I think it would be better to have levels on it. Leveling up would increase damage and radius.
Please tell me your comments I would like to hear from you :wink:

Its usage is rather specific. Why not just use a missile or something?

Maybe there would be a daily challenge with missiles banned :slightly_frowning_face:
Missile brings a lot more damage and has a lot extended radius.
I don’t think It’s bad by myself

Sounds very similar to ICBM…

Yes but ICBM work on bosses.:smiley:

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Um,I didn’t say that they are same. I just said that they are similar.