New satalite idea!

Read if you intrested.
After a lot of updates…i mean 139 vers holy slob chicken
We still got 4 satalites…like r u serious bro?
So how about i add suggest a satalite that might spice the game a lil more!
1-the freezer (give a better name plz):
It’s a bird-flu gun but it contains a freezing element that will freeze chickens and make them easier to kill it will be immune to frozen chickens (the ones that throws snow balls at ur face!) And it will stop Phoenix chickens fire ball and it will deal a higher damage to it and it will will not be available or usable in hot environment due to the massive temperature.
2-spacial comet:its a literal comet that you find it in comet chase missions the way it works it push back chickens and projectiles while dealing small dmg it will be useful in sticky situations like in terminator chicken or yolk star since it can block its lazer.
So what yall think?


Cryo gun.

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The Cyro Gun(or Freezer), i have a question: Does the cyro gun shoot blob on a chicken or affect all chickens around the area?

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Yes it shoots blob and it has splash effect and the effect is slowing down chickens for certain amount of time

so it similar to the Bird Flu with different effect :))

Yes but it freezes the enemy and make the 1 shot cabable EVEN ufos!

UFO or UCO (Unidentified Chicken Object ) boss?

Obviously UFO!

Well, you mean when the Freezer’s blob hit the UFO, they got froze immediately in a place, right?

Is there a boss named UFO Encounter in the game?

im just asking him to talk about UFO or UCO boss, and he explained , nothing to worry

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No its UCO the UFO is a chickens or chicks or even alines riding alien ships

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