New Retro Wave Idea

I would like to suggest a new wave for invader missions. Details below:

  • There are two types of ships: one that moves randomly and one that chases the player.
  • Difficulty will tell how many each type of ship can appear on the screen at a time.
  • Ships shoot randomly, just like the usual invaders.
  • The maximum number of ships that appear on the screen depends on what kind of loop. This is somewhat similar to the wave “Terminator Chickens” and “Gyroscope Malfunction.” Examples: Beginner Loop - 3, Intermediate Loop - 5, Advanced Loop - 7
  • Spaceship changes directions periodically by 90 degress, just like the wave “Egg Billiards” to let the spaceship shoot the enemies staying below. (This will depend on how difficult this wave will be.)
  • Honestly, I couldn’t think a proper wave name for this, but my suggestion would be either “Invader Ambush” or “Invader Battlefield.”
  • This is inspired from the game Battle City on the NES. Since it’s better when Retro Waves are based/inspired from retro games. Here’s a screenshot of the game for anyone who don’t know:images

The would-to-be wave could look like the pic below. Adjustment could be made on the ships as I only used the existing ones.

please ignore the wave counter

What do you think guys and @InterAction_studios?


I hope it will be add

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