New: Rectangle Terms

Please add this rectangle, which is a rectangle of conditions, explanations or warnings, for example, “Please play all the levels that I add, or I will score you.” Thank you.

its Bad or good
  • its Good !
  • its Bad !

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I prefer the current one.

because what ?

Rules for squadrons don’t make sense, all you have to do is play assignments daily, that’s all. Also, there are people who are busy and doing stuff with their lives.

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It is Ok tho but it doesn’t need to strictly be the conditions, maybe a little “about the squadron” is nice :+1:


i say this !

I said conditions, warnings, or explanations
Any word you want, write it, I didn’t choose!!!

Same thing, also wait for people to vote.

Good i waiting

I think that it is good to know what the squad is like or its rules for assignments

If you don’t play all the levels I add, I will score you as a punishment.



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