New playable ship

Please Add this ship in CIU.


Millennium hatchling will not be playable.

Well, who can say, you know, fanservice.
Also, don’t say: add this to CIU. It’s irritating.

Where did you get that from? I remember iA saying that it might make it into the game eventually, but they will have to evaluate whether more changes will be needed to make it more distinct from Star Wars.


You think this may be enought?

Millennium hatchling
Cost:5000 keys
“The fork is strong is this spaceship”
Role: Heroic ship

  1. 4 hardpoint slot
  2. 4 satellite pods
  3. 20 equiepement slots
  4. Weapons needs double firepower to level up
  5. A built-in weapon that shoots automatically and has its own firepower path (when the main upgrades this too) (its element changes is the same as the actual main weapon)

That’s not what he meant, but ok.

No, adding the Hatchling itself would be stupid, as it’s Hen Solo’s ship. If anything, the ship family could be added, but you’d need a name for it.


You got it right. I think that when designing spacecrafts, you don’t need to think about cool features or hindering factors, but a combination of both or neither to alter the playstyle. In short, I think each ship family should teach the player a new playstyle


So we shouldn’t use the MP-delivery since the original Hero owns it?
Is unrealistic that only one man (or alien?) in the entire universe owns a Millennium hatchling. Even because why a workshop should build only one type of spacecraft per model? Is anti-economic!
You can argue that the hatchlings may have been built in the foregin galaxy and I can give you reason.

That’s my philosophy on spacecraft. After I will get and polished my ideas I will make a “topic series” about that

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If I wasn’t occupied on waves, we would do a tandem thing.

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No, because the MĂĽller M404-PI Deliverer is a ship model, not a particular ship. Seems like the Authentic Hero simply decided not to name his ship, unlike Hen Solo. As far as we currently know, anyway.

Actually, it’d be THE Millennium Hatchling. The one owned by Hen Solo.
Just like Han Solo owns the Millennium Falcon, which is a YT-1300f light freighter manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

If I name my M408 “Bucket of Bananas” does every M408 become a “Bucket of Bananas”?


I need to watch more star wars.
Didn’t know that.

This is actually quite basic in comparion to all of the lore that star wars has. Most star wars fans know that. I am somewhat knowledgeable in star wars lore, hence the spaceship in my profile picture, the Resurgent class battlecruiser which is the successor to the Imperial class star destroyer in the classic movies.


Well… I was 4 years old when episode III was released (2005).
I saw the first 6 films as a kid and didn’t took attention over details

The movies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to star wars lore. There are hundreds of star wars novels and comics containing a Galaxy’s worth of lore. There’s a whole lot to explore so if you’re interested in to that then I’ll help guide you.

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Hmmm,it could come under “Heavy Strike Force”,based on the stocky build.


Well,if you read all of them,you’d find a lot of contradictions,and they aren’t canon.

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It will not be Millenium Hatchling in that case.

What this ship look like hen solo imagine it will shoot 4

Well, Hen had a boron, actually, so it doesn’t matter.

There are mainly two timelines, Canon and Legends although a horde of fans known as the Fandom Menace insists on switching the names of the two up. Canon is the continuity that the movies follow whilst legends is the alternate timeline. While the former universe is for the more casual fans, the latter is for more dedicated fans. Canon is pretty regulated but legends can get very weird.

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