New planetary boss: Jellion

I Know You never heard about new planetary boss so today i gonna make a new planetary boss! by me as i told you in the artwork!
(incoming topic guess the boss what will be…)

An Mystery Creature Rising From The Depths!

the boss:


1-Deep sound wave

2-Ultra blast



5-Special Power:Turning The Sea to green and summon rocks


The End Thank You For Reading My Post And Hope You Like It!


nice idea but how nova in water?

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yeah its just a literal copy of epsilon thalassus but you made the boss way more unfair

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This Power made by the boss but it small novas in the sea that the boss summon.

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yeah. It’s actually more differenance than the old and also the boss had no chick in the top btw hope you like it i am just a beginer level for making boss!

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