New Perishables

There should be more pershibles for newer types of chicken to counter. For example if you are having trouble with “Phoenix Chickens”, you take “Fire Reduction” pershibles that reduces time of overheat ,competely restores it or even disabling it completely so you dont lose your “Iceman” medal. You can take up to 3 slots of equipment and you lose 1 if you get hit for example (doesn’t have to be 3). I would add one for “Chiller Chickens” and “Alchemist Chickens”. I hope this perishables would not make those chickens completely useless which is the biggest problem of this idea so if you can mix it up with your opinions maybe it wouldnt be so bad.

You have its predecessor, Coolant Canisters, at a cheap cost.


True, but you lose medal which is more important than just 3 second overheat

… phoenix attacks already stole your Ice Man Medal :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so what’s the difference here?


Still being said, the game is easy and doesn’t need for helps and buffs🫤, also coolant canisters is too enough for help

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