New perishable: Toxic Artillery

Have you recently found yourself in a mission where your weapon just doesn’t deal enough damage? Or perhaps you have died to a boss with only 10% health left? If so, this perishable is for you. The UHF has released a new technology: the Toxic Artillery.

How does this perishable work?

It’s quite simple. Projectiles shot by your ship will poison enemies and damage them over time, much like poison from any other videogame.

Say you shoot your corn gun, but not all projectiles hit the enemy.

If that’s the case, Toxic Artillery will take him out for you.

(Damage values are just examples)

Weak projectile weapons (like the Riddler) and multi-target ones (Lightning Fryer) will benefit greatly from this, especially at low power levels where the projectiles just aren’t strong enough for your world-saving shenanigans.

It’s also important to note that poison damage only hits ONCE.

Below I have made a concept art of how this perishable would look in the game store.

Que in the questions you might have, and my answers to them.

How are enemies damaged over time?

Once an enemy is hit, the poison will not take effect ‘per se’ and damage the enemy until a certain time is up.
For an example, 1 second after the poison has been inflicted, the enemy will receive x damage, like shown in the pictures above. This mechanic adds to the uniqueness of it and makes it less of an instant damage booster, which we already have.

Do projectiles poison individually? And is poison stackable?

Enemies are poisoned by the projectiles shot by you. Every projectile can and will poison enemies. However, poison does not stack. If you’re fighting a boss and all projectiles hit them, they are only poisoned once. Once the poison damage is up, the enemy can be poisoned again.

Equipping more of this perishable will only increase total damage dealt.

Is this perishable really important / good for a mission?

Depends on how you play the game. If you play easy missions, projectiles are strong enough to take enemies down on their own. If you play hard missions, projectiles might not be strong enough and you will need additional help to finish the job. Poison damage will also help you kill a boss faster. That’s the point of this perishable: Not something to carry your missions, just a little extra help to go a long way.

And with that said, I have finished this new idea of mine. What do you think? Have you found the situations listed relatable? And if so, should Toxic Artillery be added in the game? Let me know what you think.

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  • Yes, but… (comment)
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maybe it could just be a feature for a new weapon in the future


H2SO4 should deal more damages than N2O :laughing:

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I could see this being OP or under-OP based on the primary weapon choice, and also when considering how it would stack onto accum/overdrive, or with absolver. That said, it would work well usually.

I think IA has made an attempt to avoid/steer away from poison in this sense though, because it is not as intuitive to tell when enemies take hits, and if the enemies could use poison, it might be unfair.

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I’ve thought about overdrive, hence why I decided enemies can be poisoned again after a certain timer. Just imagine shooting a boss with overdrive and racking up 20,000 poison damage :sweat_smile:

With absolver, it already is an instant-kill weapon, rendering poison pretty useless on this one.

I agree, enemies poisoning us would be weird, since we only have 1 hp. I can only imagine how a mission like that would be, having multiple health points instead of hearts and poisonous enemies :thinking:

Never thought about that :thinking:

Just have poison deal 0.1 hp/sec or make it guaranteed kill after a few seconds past exposure

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