New perishable: chicken voodoo doll

“How the UHF made this is still an unanswered question…”

Chicken voodoo doll is a perishable. When you die, the collision damage you dealt on an object will also deal to a random chicken on screen. a random chicken on screen will die. This perishable does not affect this bosses The collision damage you dealt to a boss will affect another random boss if that boss wave has 2 or more bosses.

don’t know if this was suggested…


luckily I left this here.

What about when you die crashing into a projectile that doesn’t deal crash damage

wish this could replace mass condemsnors

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What is people obsession with items that use “death” mechanic? I mean, you shouldn’t want to lose a life in the game. You should just improve your skill and not depend on items that only activate when you kill yourself. I can kind of understand those items in a game where you have health bar - like for example in Hollow Knight. There’s stereotypical item that damages enemies when they damage you. (I swear every RPG has this mechanic). It’s also a really hard game and not every contact with enemy kills you so this item can actually give you advantage there. But in CIU? Why, for what?


Is your live worth for a single chicken?

I am now aware how worthless/useless this item is, I will now think how to make it useful.

Done, this also affect bosses

From what I know, the point of every shooter games is “in order to stay alive, so I kill enemies” not “in order to kill enemies, so I lose my life”.

TBH, I’m against every death perk items.

That’s the mass condenser

I know, but it has existed since before I found this game.

So if you mount this with Mass Condensers you can take down 2 bosses at a time.

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