New Mountable - Risky Handicaps

Now, if you played CI5, this sounds similar to the Handicaps that can be purchased for 150 keys in late-game.

Here’s the idea:
These are mountables that will add hard risks, but the rewards will be worth it all… These are some examples of a Risk Handicap (iA, if you are reading this, you may alter these mountables/rewards, the entire thing or edit this idea as you please when taken into consideration).
Note: Surrendering or being defeated with these risks will add a -10% key penalty - total keys gained on mission completion will be reduced by 10%.

One-Life Man - player starts with and has ONLY 1 life for the entire duration of the mission. Rewards: Additional 50% key and score multiplier at the end of mission.

No Gifts, Please - Most falling powerups are disabled (except Charity, and a reduced chance for an atomic powerup). Rewards: x2 Final Score, x1.3 Final Keys

Accelerated Projectiles - Enemy projectile speed increased by 50%. Rewards: Free random perishable on next mission AND +30% keys.

Heated Up - Your weapon overheats 300% faster. Rewards: 6 free Liquid Helium coolants on next mission and +10% keys and score.

Nerfed for NOTHIN - Spacecraft’s DPS is halved for the entire mission. Rewards: 5 Damage Amplifiers and +200% more score from boss waves.

A Shot in the Dark - brightness around spacecraft reduced by 30% (similar to Darkness, but a bit more visible). Rewards: On your next mission, every 10th shot from your primary weapon deals double damage.

Misdirected - bullet accuracy reduced by 50% (for instant-hit and auto-lock weapons, the beam has a chance to miss it’s target. This does NOT affect the Absolver Beam, but it’s beam is a bit smaller). Rewards: 8x Bullet Spray Condenser and +10% keys and score.

??? - Random things might happen in the mission… Enemies that do NOT belong there may spawn (ex. Egg Drones, Eggships, Space Invaders, and random barriers). On rare occasions, your weapon may do something weird, or even enemies themselves. But the rarest of them all… enemies might just #%@&$* (!)#*$%… You thought I’d actually blur this just so you can click it? HAHAHA

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