New modification to key levels

I have an idea
New missions which are key missions for you to earn a lot and a lot of keys I know that my idea exists but I will add more things

  1. Possibility to play Level more than once or 2 times, not once. This is if you lose the level, but if you win, you cannot play again
  2. It drops two openings from each wave, and this is at all levels of this type.
    This was all I ask of you and thank you for the whole game increases the fun

People can surrender over and over then they would be getting infinite keys.


I once suggested this, months ago.


I also want to suggest that you can play the level after losing it

No, because if you win a level, you can’t replay the level again and that’s a good thing

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That’s already in the game in key rush missions.

Yes, but I want to lose the level after I can
Play the level one more time

Key Rush can only play once to prevent player from farming keys. You only have 1 chance

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I say 5 times, and if you lose them all, you will not be able to play the level again, but if you win it, the replay will not work

Still exploitable because you’re better off losing several times and then winning once instead of having no losses and winning once.


You don’t know that you can become rich with only one fly of this mission.

i know

5 times

@karas But still, people can get like 2000 keys by exploiting.

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Not only 1000 keys

2 times equals 400 or 500 keys

I don’t care, this can still be exploited
Here’s a poll
Do you want this to be added?

  • Yes
  • No

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He is saying that people can surrender the mission to prevent access restriction of this level, Which mean they can surrender at the last wave and replay the mission again. which is something very very exploitable.

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Why isn’t this better than losing once? I say if I lose or give up 2 times, you won’t be able to play the level again. Has anyone misunderstood me?

It’s OP.