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Hello, my name is kAPET and I’m a veeeeeeeery big fan to the Chicken Invaders Series… Anyway I’m here to talk about my ideas that might make the game more enjoyable!

    Do you want to train to become better and to increase your rank? Communication between you and the mother ship has been lost, but you want to go on a mission? No worry! Because thanks to the HOL09R43 (I’m bad at naming it…) you can now go do virtual missions where all the enemies, planets and solar systems are not real but meticulously designed to be just like the real thing!!

(I’m writing the post on my phone so I can’t attach any pictures :confused:)

but the shape of the enemies will be unrealistic and it will take a simple drawing pattern that will consist only of geometric shapes and it’ll be cool if the shape of the planets, stars got changed so that they are… more simple… This new game mode through which you can train for difficult tasks (where The player can choose the level of difficulty, also the wave, the boss if possible). and in order to play the game without the need for an Internet connection.

That’s all folk :upside_down_face:

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I’ll post more ideas in the near future
Thanks for reading my idea! Hope you like it!!

For a second there at the ending, i thought i was looking at my own post that i didnt remember posting.

Anyways a simulation mode that is basically a custom wave customization is not really nessecary.

If the purpose of the simulation is to train yourself, then don’t the 10000+ missions in the game just counts as the training itself

For it to be offline is just a big stretch for IA to make only to not actually gets any benefits than just by playing the game normally and online

But this is just my view to this


It could be a secret mode to re-skin planets and enemies just like “Party like it’s 2002” mode

Could be, but the reason for the simulation is for you to train in it and not be able to give you overall score benefits and keys. Then what is the point?

The point is you can play while you’re offline and i forgot to mention that everything you collect will be added to your account when you’re online.

If what you said is made as your point then this

Does this include the score too cause that will result in score exploitation in regards to the leaderboard

This is the 120th anniversary mission.


Actually… Yes! An offline 120th anniversary mission lmao

I’m sure interAction will take over this and organize it so that the leaderboard system is fair and balanced

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