New mission

New mission: Meaty Madness
Waves: 30 to 60
When you grab the food its multiplied by 5
Color of mission when you are about to fly it: Brown
You can play this mission ONCE

why am i going to fly a mission that has a background that looks like shit with glitter


you dont understand for example squack block its blue and boss rush is pink this is brown not the backround im saying the rectangle color is brown

ah ok

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i like u

fuck off


how dare u

Droid Raids are already supposed to be the missions for food collecting, I think


yeah but more food

droid raids give you low food

so basically key rush but food? seems like a good option

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I was about to say that but ok

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Yes @peterexited

they’re still a food-grinding machine, although certain missions that are even shorter might give you even more food


i disagree

there could be some space burgers that sell less food for more keys

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good idea

that is just gonna be broken

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make a topic about it


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