New Mission Type: Weapons Roulette

It has been a while and a lot has been in my plate :poultry_leg::notebook: :notebook:.

Now, coming to this idea. Each wave would randomize the current weapon you are using. As a result, you start with no weapon but a preselected ship (similar to the trial mission with the bomber spaceship). When wave 1 start, you would be given a weapon. It could be a corn shotgun or the neutron gun. It could be anything. The next wave, a new weapon would be given to you. You cannot remain with the said weapon from wave 1. Thus, each wave would have a different weapon given to the player.

This idea is simple. But it can add a spin to normal gameplay. Think about the idea. See if there is room for improvement.

Thank you for reading this post.


@InterAction_studios should add this.

this is great idea , i actuallt want to see this in game

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