New Mission Type : Underheat Mission

The mission only Exists only in hot environments , but to play it you need the event horizon stablizer , you also will enter the planet , the minumim waves is 5 , the maximum is 14

the mission wave : there will lava at the bottom of the screen and a floor at the top of the screen then avoid touching them , there will be crystals infront of your way , try to destroy them before they crash with you , there will group of chickens come out from the floor then another group come from the lava , and if you didnt destroy these groups in 10 seconds then they will move directed towards you so be fast , thats all as shown

the boss will be heart of darkness , it will can do only for moves

first : it will drop the pink bacteria from the floor so be careful as shown

second : multi huge them will come out of lava as shown

third : make the lava rises

the fourth : finally some gems come out of the floor

Sorry if my paint was bad , hope you tell me something to make it better , i hope you all like this idea :slight_smile:


I think the chickens should be in the bubbles before they come out of the lava otherwise they will burn.

but then how will they be destroyble

The bubbles could disappear like in Bubble Rings.

but it will back again , i suppose they put heat shields :\

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Basically a tweaked planetary mission. No. Just no. Can’t you just wait until iA adds them later in the game? It’s on his to-do list, and there have been multiple topics with almost the same frequency as the ‘Who’s in 2020’ comments on YouTube.

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you should know that i will stop making ideas and you should too , and IA wants to look for new features , so why you dont like that , and i have paience like IA just thinking about any idea

Planetary mission aren’t a new idea if they’ve been suggested since every day of the forum

and they werent added , IA still think Mate

Maybe they will be added once the Early Access is over.

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Here is IA opinion on planetary missions.
About planetary missions and how we could possibly go about generating them - #11 by InterAction_studios

So the idea was shelved. It’s quite possible that it will eventually make it in CIU, but it’s definitely not going to be during Early Access.


damn , it would be a great idea :frowning:

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