New mission type & ... (no idea for the name) idea: Hen Solo Help &

Attraction, recruit.


This type of mission special is that hen solo (Millenium Hatchling ) helps you to complete the mission. The maximum number of waves is 4×10
And the minimum is 1×5
If you played CI4 you know how it works.

if you didn't played CI4 click here

When you are firing the hen solo automatically star firing for few seconds. The weapon that it has is moron railgun

That’s not the end of this topic. there is another idea too.

  • no name to now
    I don’t know what should I name this. You can suggest a name by replying in thus topic.

This idea is about showing the waves of a mission.
The goodies of this idea is to prepare Yourself for bosses or waves that need special thing to pass it.

You need to buy the license from galactic store to show the waves. Costs 50 keys.
Won’t be appear for league dares.

If the number of waves was a big number you can use scroll

I already suggested the 2nd one & iA didn’t accept it. He said it’s only for League.


Umm, it’s unfair, because you can see everything by paying 50 keys only for once. In my opinion, players need to bribe some keys for it and their price must not be same, because of difference of wave numbers.

I’m not understood. Players already are able to see waves of a dare match.

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