New Mini-Boss

This boss is like a smaller version of the Chick Gatling Gun.It appears along with the formation on screen,fires eight really fast white bullets(like Boron Railgun fast) at the ship and then self destructs.Can be included in Space Burger Droid missions along with Security Patrols.What do you think?

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As long as it has a charging animation, sure. Maybe eight bullets is a few too many at that speed, too.

It’s all open to change.

On the Vote menu, im cant see a vote for bad idea.

Which is the point .,

I misclicked a vote since I don’t care

this is brilliant , i would love to see this in CIU

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I think now gatlings are too easy(except for the roulette though). I’d see a new thing in CIU

Like a minigun chick? I dont understand

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