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Hi im Rainbow Dash and im new to this forum


Welcome! Make sure to read the FAQ topic when you get the time, and enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:


greetings recruit! enjoy your stay

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Welcome to the forum!

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welcome to the forums!

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Hello Recruit named Rainbow Dash, you can trust me! :wink:

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Thanks for the reply
And i already read the FAQ topic


I guess just by greeting, you will get the badge “Nice Topic”. Not bad. :wink:

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Welcome on the forum as well. If you have a nice idea for the game, don’t be afraid to suggest (as long as it will fit on the game.)

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Anyway my callsign in CIU is RainbowDash and you can add me to your squadron if someone interested


Ok i will sent you a contact and squadron repuest

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And yes my name was from My Little Pony

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