New Market for Spacesheeps

I suggested this once before, but it would be a way to budget your purchase of Spacesheeps and make it a more efficient way to combat these annoying chickens. All makers are represented and allowed to be tested but you still need to have enough keys to buy what you test. You are not committed to buy but the test drive will help with this choice. The dealership will offer missions, (easy to hard), and you choose one that suits you best. The missions have no effect on your score or any statistic in the game. You can choose a paint and texture add on for your craft. All at a cost but at less expense than doing it in stages. The dealerships are randomly placed and should be considered a destination as all other markets are. They would be a part of you exploration medal. As well the availability of advanced ships will vary. you can choose from what is there at the time. Be well ALL…



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I fly with Col. Sheepy as my call sign. My farm has many sheep. My small community is very close and we pass on our past with words. Our elders use the wool that our sheep donate to encourage understanding of the past when there is a craft to be passed on. They teach our kids how yarn is made but also how it can be used. I have many sheep on my farm as well as many other animals, CHICKENS INCLUDED! I use Col. Sheepy as my callsign because my daughter couldn’t say Skippy, she only was able to say Sheepy when she was a brat. My nickname has been Skippy for a long time but my daughter will be mine until my forever. Be well all…

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