New items

So since there are a lot of people complain about some waves are getting too difficult so I have an idea that could possibly solve this
So “The item” will be an “Always-on”, “Upgradable” that available in the store and would be bought with approximately 900 keys
I don’t have a proper name for “The item” at the moment, feel free to suggest me a name for it. And “The item” will reduce the firepower downgrade upon dying which allow you to have enough firepower to clear the wave after getting cucked by 32 Chickenaut on the screen
Seriously, having 5 :zap: gone and have to kill tough enemies after that really is a pain


I don’t think this is ſuch a great idea becauſe it has no recurring coſt, beſides which it iſn’t really neceſſary. After all, in your example, you might as well uſe a miſſile or two, and your idea would really make miſſiles a thing juſt for the impatient.