New item: The T.R.D

Hello, boys (and girls)! I present to you, the T.R.D.! Let’s answer the questions that you probably have:
1- What does T.R.D. stand for? It stands for “Teammate Resurrection Device”.
2- What does it do? Well… Let’s begin.

So the T.R.D. is an item (obviously). It’s an Auto-Use and will be priced at 75 keys (15x5) (5 units not 15).

You see… ̶d̶h̶a̶r̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶n̶ When you lose all your lives, the consequences of playing with no lives are getting no score and no keys, so instead of leaving the match and being back with 0 points and x firepower, use the T.R.D.! If you own a T.R.D, and someone lost all their lives, you will get a message that will look somewhat like this:

You can also press ESC to reject this and not revive your teammate.
They will be brought back with one life, the firepower they had before losing all their lives, and the keys they had. Hope you like this idea.

Should the T.R.D be added?
  • Yes
  • Neutral
  • No

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I’d rather stick to this solution. Besides, even if you leave a hosted mission, you’ll still keep the earned points, food and keys.

How would it be counted in the outcome? Partial?

i spend all my missions (always easy or hard) with 1 life i suggest it should be added to the game

This is a great idea to add to the game. But there must be something called “giving away”, I mean: if you respawn a player who has lost all their lives, you will lose one of the lives you brought with you.

What if there are multiple dead people? How would the item work?

Is there a priority as to how the item heals other people if multiple are dead? Oldest in Lobby > Youngest, or is it completely random?

it should be an usable item, not autouse. If you’re trying to dodge something and the promp shows up it could get annoying and frustrating of course

get conflicted if used by joiner multiplayer… saving cheater hell nope.

trying to make multi even less punishing than it already is?
in many cases it seems like it would be more beneficial to just leave and rejoin, start at 8 firepower (dead players with a lot of lives would often be below that), maybe use different items this time

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There could be use to this like a multi where all ships wants to complete it in one fell swoop. But thats a rare case for a bunch of stranger to stay for whole match

It would ask you to revive one player, then the other, and so on.

i think it could be like a life saving ring kind of that you can place out like a superweapon and the first ghost who takes it gets an extra life

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