New item idea during a mission, i guess

I don’t know if anyone has ever had an idea for an new item during a mission. But now i’ll tell you here. You have known that Firepower and Gift are 2 special items in a mission, right? My idea is: A third special item.
I have just thought that, but i don’t have any pictures about my idea, and also i don’t know how can i named it. Simplely, you will see a random enemy drop this item. And when you collect it, you will be powered in a short time.

Fact: My idea is based on the Plant Food from PvZ2

Of course, this item will be rarer than Firepower and Gift. And when the item drop, it will show the colour around that item, which decide that how will you be powered? So here is some function when you collect that item:

  • Red: Increase 400% damage in 3s. If you are using Absolver Beam, the next shot will only be powered.
  • Blue: You won’t get heat in 8s. And also you won’t get Overheat if you hit the fireball from Phoenix, or touch the hot area from Dr.Beaker’s chemical. Another function for this item is: If you are using Corn Shortgun and shooting the Popcorn, you will be increased the firing speed instead, and this will be lost if you stop shooting.
  • Green: You become undying during 2s.
  • Yellow: Increase your spaceship’s speed for 20%. If you are using BX at that mission, you will be powered during 7s, including you are playing a mission which has Massive enviroment. If you are playing a mission has Massive enviroment without using BX, you will be powered in 15s. And another interesting function for the yellow is: You won’t get slow by the snowball from Chiller, or Slow area from Klaus/Dr.Beaker.
  • Orange: Delete all enermy’s bullets at the time you collect the item. The defect of the orange item is: The toxic cloud can’t be deleted, and also any enemy which using lasers to attack.
  • Violet: Your weapon now will get “Strikethrough” function during 10s, just like the “Strikethrough” function of Absolver Beam.

This item WILL NOT be dropped by: all the chicks, Klaus, Slob, the Fester/Alien, the barriers, the retro, the asteroids, the chest (from Treasure Shower wave) and also with the Boss which only drop at the time it’s destroyed.
Note: You can’t use any Satelite or Special Weapon during the time you are getting powered!
Point: 10,000 pts

And that’s all about my idea. Do you have anything tell me about my idea? Something wrong or not? Please tell me here, thank you!


So they are are similar to special weapons
The idea is not bad
But I don’t see alot of potential in it

Also need more balancing
The red “item” is kinda Trash
You can increase the time and lower the dmg

Green is a rip off blackhole

Orange is a shockwave rip off too

Anyway not bad just needs more work


They’re too unbalanced in some competitve mission.
First: Most of them actually same as Perisable (Invulnerability Extension, Jet) and Special Weapon
Next: What about the medal awarded if there’s no special weapon used during the mission? Award that for free? Probably not

Yeah, Thart’s my opinion

That’s why i limited them as a short time. And this item will be rarer than 2 other special items

Thinking, rarely to meet that item, but there are a lot of hard waves, so if you use any special weapon though only one times, you lose it.

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Actually, the DPO actives during 5-6s, while this item will let you be powered in 3s.

Well, though it’s true. But at least the orange won’t do the damage to the enemies like the Shockwaves. And also the orange can’t delete the toxic cloud and the laser-enemy

It would be nice if i can see a picture of that item, can’t imagine it.

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I’m sorry, myself still haven’t had any idea about the picture for that item. You can use the Charity to imagine for temporary.

I had thought about this.
Since Damage Amplifier will let you increase 200% damage during 8s. So 50% like i said is too little. I will change that:

Red: Increase 50% damage in 4s → Increase 400% damage in 3s (changed in the post)

I’m wrong. It’s 4s per DPO. So …
Green: You become undying during 3s → 2s

Note that this isn’t a item that buying in the shop. This is a item which was dropped during a mission, just like Firepower and Gift. This is the third item idea for missions, after Firepower and Gift.

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