New Item: Defense Orb

This Is an Auto-use Item that are use protect the spacecraft from being destroy Into pieces by the enemy projectiles, can call It a self-protector Item

Here Is how Is goes:

Defense Orb

  • An energy orb revolves around your vehicle in a clockwise and counter-clockwise (Their spin direction will randomly change after the mission) formation, blocking enemy projectile (expect for Chick Laser Gun Laser and bosses lasers). However, the gaps between them are large enough such that the players should not rely on them too much to keep their vehicle safe.

  • This Item will be destroy after damage the enemy projectiles 5 times and can damage the enemy once but very weak

  • The Defense Orbs will fade away depending on each 5 hit It take, colorblind mode enable will be: 5-4-3-2-1-0

  • Price Is 42 keys (6 keys per orbs)

  • Limited mount Is 5, unstackable when mount In the mission cofig, their clockwise/counter-clockwise (Their spin direction will randomly change after the mission) spin speed will spin fast/slow depending on how much Defense Orb you mount, It also moving up and down slowly. Here’s an Demostration:

    This Is how Is looks like when mount multiple orbs

  • When the player die, the Defense Orbs will be disappear until the spacecraft Is respawn. But when the player fail the mission then all Defense Orbs will be destroy (it will not be lost if the Orbs haven’t been use to protect the spacecraft In the mission)

  • Defense Orb also has It own effect when being use or disappear

  • Oh and also the larger/smaller hitbox the spacecraft has, the wider/less space the gap beetween each Defense Orbs has

  • This Item Is allow In all mission types, even competition missions

Thats all of my new Idea. Hope you like It


You got inspired by Heavy Weapon, didn’t ya :smiley: ?

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So how exactly does it move in both directions at the same time? This is the only thing I can’t figure out. Does it just randomly decide when to switch directions? If so, that’s unnecessary imo.

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I don’t think that sound necessary as long as we have dimensional-phase out which is used to prevent death or large enemy projectiles. this one doesn’t completely help in facing so many ones.

Edit: the price should be less than Dimensional-Phase out’s

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After the mission, It will randomly change It direction

I’ll make It damage the enemy once but very weak and hitting projectile 5 times before being destroy

Price has been toned down

that sounds like a good idea

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the orb of defense that protects you from projectiles

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