New ideas with some help

Ok so i created some new ideas with my classmate well it wasnt gonna happen he picked up my notebook and opened a page that i drew all ciu spacecrafts he added some new things on bx 9 the img

So its a bit crowd i know let me explain what is The ideas i got from it at first i thought about this

We can use it for special weopen so when you want to use it ,it will start shooting it has 2 sides of shoot
Its similar to microgun but i changed it it can damage at least 10% it fires automaticlly,ok so at first the color of gun is yellow so it has less damage its like moron railgun its red when we start to shoot with it but this one is reversed it start from yellow to red means less damage to more damage
Now the second one
Scroll up and see the first image and look at exhaust he drew so its based from fire we can change it to any color

This is the inner and outer of exhaust
What do you think

  • special weopen idea good
  • exhaust idea good
  • all good
  • none of them
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Well it was my friends idea so pls dont make fun of it

so youre suggesting a builtin satellite??

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