New ideas spacecraft usage

We have weopen usage but why not spacecraft usage !!
So we can add it in comparing players
Spacecrafts will set from hc 101 to vf 76

It will be like this but its spacecrafts instead weopens there is 12 spacecrafts so we put 12 bars for each players

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okay not hating on you or anything but this literally has no real useful purpose at all

How about now

…is this even important enough? Who will care about spaceship usage? What are the real purpose for it?

the bx-9 will always be the most used ship indefinitely


No you completely wrong i have contact that only uses vf 76 even players might use other ships too

But what is the purpose of weopen usage

if you already know what your friends’ used ships then why do you want this to be implemented

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Well i think its right

Statistic of weapon usage from a player compared to you, to figure the strategies that player used.(partially), though no one would even see it. It just a table with charts.
Still not convincing enough.


that’s the point, why bother adding spacecraft usage when weapon- oh sorry, “weopen” usage is already useless

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What we need with spaceship usage? the ad on the screen :skull:

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nice idea but can be optional ,also it can be put directly to fleet section idk

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