New Ideas: My Home Planet

As all of you may already know, Hero’s home resides in planet Earth (jist like humanity). Across all of episodes, his main goal was unchanged - to protect his home planet from any feathered danger there is in space.

That’s what inspired me to have an idea of adding Home Planet as CIU’s players’ homebases. They can’t go there, but they can interact with it (something like storage system). Also, you can send your weapon to your home planet to customize it (choosing between available weapon skins).

The home planet itself can also be customized (planet skins & rings can be obtained by bartering with shady dealers for around 1000 keys)

Sometimes the player is given the notification about his home planet being invaded by space chickens. It appears at least once for a week.

The procedurally generated mission for this occasion has the random type, random difficulty, random numbers of waves, etc. By completing this mission not only you are given the new medal - “The Hero His People Needs”, but also you are given the random gift in form of the superweapon, weapon, perishable or satellite.

Also, you are given the 1.5x boost for key collected in any mission for 1 hour.

In the “Last Resort” mission (if you haven’t beaten “Defend the Home Planet” mission in 24 hours)
you must defend your home planet in “Island Wars” style. You are given the technologically advanced particle thrower as a way to protect your town from being egg bombarded.

The “Last Resort” mission has 10 waves. By completing this you are not given any medal or gift.

Okay, so this idea is rather complicated, but I don’t think we won’t see something like this in the future…

EDIT: Let me know your opinion about this idea :wink:


Reminder: This idea is also partially inspired by one of older IA’s game series: Island Wars (especially for the Last Resort mission)

I support this idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, in all seriousness, this is a kind of neat concept (with weapon skins or no). I am not sure if everything in here would be viable for addition but the core of the idea has some merit. A good application of it would help with making things feel more “MMO-ey” too.


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