New idea: Special Operation

In this idea you and others player will fight enemy bosses such as:
The Yolk-Star™(10 players)
Egg Cannon(15 players)
CK-02 Defiler(30 players)
The Yolk-Star™:
10 player required
Heath: 1500000
The York Star is the first boss in special operations.Unlike the old one,the Yolk-Star™ is better attack and better defense
The Yolk-Star™ uses its laser cannons to shoot lasers. The laser weapons will then reposition. After 5 mins,the laser weapons will aim at one random players and fire in 15 sec(To avoid it, get close the Yolk-Star™, it wont fire at you) This attack is only used in the first phase.
Homing missles:
The Yolk-Star™ use its homing missles to destroy players every 2 minutes. The missles will aim randomly on any player (to avoid it, shot the missle),it only fire 10 missles. This attack is only used in second phase
Chicken Call:
The Yolk-Star™ summons a Terminator Chicken for help. The Terminator Chicken is able to respawn. This attack is used in the first phase and second phase.
The The Yolk-Star™ uses its shield to protect itself for 1 minute,the shield have 200000 heath, you have to wait or shot it down.
Yolk Wobble:
The Yolk-Star™, now without its protective shell, wobbles around, trying to hit any random player. The closer it is to exploding, the more aggressive it becomes. This attack is used in the second phase.
Yolk Shockwave:
The Yolk-Star™, now without its protective shell, creates shockwave every 10 sec, pushing every players. Warning, DO NOT get too close the Yolk, the shockwave can kill you.
-It’s OK for you when you get far from the Yolk creates shockwave
-It’s safer for you to get close the Yolk-Star™ as it cannot aim and fire laser at you
-DO NOT get close the Yolk-Star™ when it’s on second phase. That is suicide (because it will fire homing missles from any direction from the Yolk-Star™)
-When the Yolk-Star™ summon a Terminator Chicken, try to destroy the chicken first.
-You can invite friends or members on your Clan to join special operation(about 9 players only)
The Egg Cannon:
15 player required
Heath: 5000000
The Egg Cannon (or Viteline Molecular Propulsor) is the second boss in special operations.Unlike the the Yolk-Star™,the Egg Cannon is more better attack and better defense.
Phase 1:
Chicken Wobble:
The Egg Cannon deploys 20 Normal Chickens, 50 Chicks, 20 Metal-suit Chickens in groups of four every 20 seconds.
The Egg Cannon open it’s shield for 7 minutes,the shield about 500000 heath,so you have to wait or shot it down.
Phase 2:
Orange Beams:
The Egg Cannon fires orange beams from its laser cannons.
Gravitational Anomaly:
The Egg Cannon pull everything(including chickens) inside the ship and disintegrate everything it’s pull inside the ship every 15 second.You can pull the ship out due the Egg Cannon pull you very slow.
Phase 3:
Triple Bolts
The Egg Cannon fires four triple “smokey” bolts.
Phase 4:
Egg Launch:
The Egg Cannon launches a huge egg. The egg has to be atleast partially destroyed if you don’t want to lose a life.
Destruction Beam:
The Egg Cannon fires a large single beam, the sides of the beam are safe.
Phase 5:
Yellow Lasers:
The Egg Cannon launches 15 yellow lasers from one of the eight preset locations.
Phase 6:
The Egg Cannon activates a forcefield for four seconds.
Self destruct:
The Egg Cannon, after killed it will self destruct for 5 seconds, DO NOT get too close the ship, the explosion will kill you so get far away as possible.
-Hen Solo will assist you and your friend
CK-02 Defiler:
30 players required
Heath: 10000000
The CK-02 Defiler is the new boss and the third one in special operation. Unlike other bosses, it’s one the strongest boss in Chicken Invaders.
Coming soon…
Edit: Unlike Chicken Invaders 5, each players will have 5 life, 100 firepower(due to boss strong heath) and 10 missle. If you dies,your firepower will decrease 5. If you have 0 life,you can still respawn using money(in game) or friend respawn you(using their money)
In Special Operation, boss will ended in 2 hours and changing into new boss about 6 hours

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This is heavily copied from Star Conflict’s Special Operation missions. No offense but at least change it a little bit so it isn’t an almost direct copy of naming, mechanics…

Yeah I just want the game to be a bit fun

But if you like,you can give me some cool idea about special operation

The final bosses from earlier games are already planned to return.
And why would other players be needed to defeat those bosses anyway? It’s not like you will be able to play together (atleast in the first few versions of CIU).

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I have a topic about the other boss like the Yolk Star but with 2 yolks. Its a idea, if you want search (the lost brother of the yolk star), in my opinion maybe the idea was coming little too late because the orginal Yolk star is returning. But i think my version of the return of the Yolk star with 2 yolks is very cool. However he is different and can be great boss separated from the other (thats why i named it the ‘‘lost brother’’).

Yeah.I guess you right

It’s special operation. I want to get more reward so get some interesting from the player. Like Star Conflict, they also have special operation

Will probably change the name to Special Cluckeration

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Okay, but definitely not that.