New idea! Package Delivery📦

Package Delivery

Well there is two types of Package Delivery

Package Delivery

First type in wave

Name : Package Delivery
Type : Sending supply in waves = similar to how rocket works but it deploy supplies after using it
Cost : 3 Package Delivery = 53 keys ( cost maybe decreased)
Damage : 0
Delivering after : 8 seconds
What is inside : 6 random power and 1 random satellite
In game shop
(More footage soon)

Shop detalis
Low power or bad weapon try our supplies
We have every thing you hero wants
What are you waiting for Order now

By firing it
A small light will get out from your spaceship and then go up till it dissappears from the screen
And it will take 8 seconds to be delivered
( more footage soon)

Inside the Package
3 Power up and 3 Random Gifts and 1 satellite

Package Physical appearance
In Xmas it will be a gift
In normal it would be a safe
In Halloween it would be Pumpkin

Package will be dropped from up
And then it will exploads then dropping the items


Can people take my Package in multiplayer game ?
No they can’t it is specialy for you

What will i gain from it ?
If you have a pretty long chapter or
it is so hard and you are low in power
Then it will come in handy

We already have supply help in every wave if we are low in power what is it different from it ?

It is pretty different i say
If you want some additional power
Or have a hard wave and you stuck in it
Or you want to change you weapon

Why don’t you have footage?

At the time I’m limited in tools but after like few weeks i would be able to make footage and more ideas

Then why you posted it now ?

To claim the idea of course

I hope it is original
Now the second part

Delivery Service aka ( Delivery droid )

It is always on type

Using it in galaxy

What is it

Well it is droid that helps you buy things from
Far dealer ships without moving your spaceship


Costs : 450 keys
Upgradeable levels : 3 which decreases time for your delivery to arrive

Details in shop

Having hard time buying
We have the best way to buy without moving
Try it

Some people may ask isn’t it op


You can only order 2 packages a day ( increase to 5 by buying CL )
And also it is slow (upgrading it will be faster

It takes lower cost to deliver the Package compare to the fuel needed to go to the dealer ship
It can buy anything just tell her where to go
(Only shops and dealerships )

Then when it arrives to the dealership
It will send you a mail with button to see what i wants to buy
(Only 1 item at time)

Then when it comes back it will send you mail and then the item will be directly in your inventory

I hope it is original

Note : you only buy it one and it will be with you all the time
More footage soon

Thanks for reading my idea

What do you thimk about it

What do you think about the idea
  • Perfect
  • Nice
  • Maybe
  • Bad

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Wouldn’t it still become more rng based, even during missions

The 3 power ups aren’t
But 3 gifts are

What do you think about Delivery droid

why aren’t you talking in proper english

I don’t know the shape of the Delivery droid but think

the first idea is more meh, but the second idea i would change somethings:
-no bonus for CHL users (i am one): i think differences between chl droid and normal droid should be removed to make it
anyway the idea to have helpers to do tasks is cool


Thanks man
I thought that it could be bad if there is bouns for CHL

have a great day

The shape will be revealed soon

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hmm i think remaking this is next

nice idea in overall

Don’t bumb unless you actually need it.

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