New idea: one life misson

This type of mission can be played with 1 life, and it consists of 30 waves 10 x 3, and its difficulty ranges from 60 to 100% the type of mission is Chicken Invasion
what do you think ?

Or just start playing any missions without extra lives, really.


Yeah no lifes , only 1 life

I think you mean a challenge mission but anyone can removes the lives from Mission Config .


You can already play with one life in any mission you want. Just remove all lives from mission configuration. Simple.


No, I don’t mean that, I mean a new kind of mission

I know, but this mission is mandatory

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  • maybe good

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This game is a spin-off that lets us play the way we want to, and yet you want IA adding a challenge that’s mandatory to complete? That makes no sense.

If it was mandatory, what would happen to anyone who didn’t complete it in time? Would their scores get penalized? Would they lose keys? Would they get banned?..

It is not binding, but 1 life is binding. You will not lose anything if you lose, but if you win, you take 70 keys (and you are honored every day if you are the first in the score, what do you think?

What’s your opinion ? :slight_smile:

Your idea isn’t developed enough. Not relevant enough, sorry.

because what ? replay

What do I do


Think about something original and give it a lot of thought.

How to achieve the medal of extreme unpreparedness so easily.

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This is basically a shorter Knockout Phase but with one life, also reduce the difficulty.

I’m trying

This mission should give you up to 7x your key count.
(+600% final multiplier on outcome, a total of 700%).
If you fail, you’ll get nothing. These missions should also cost 50 keys for each attempt.

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