New Idea: Moron Railgun Upgrade

Since MR is not usually used in hard missions and every one hates using it because of its uselessness, why not give it an upgrade to veteran players and content creators to increase its value. Here is the deal: If you have flown 10000 waves with 100 hours of playtime, you will unlock MR’s upgrade which makes:
-Its gifts will be dropped by enemies
-It can be upgraded to level 8 firepower
-It shoots:
+Normally then it is the same as Boron Railgun
+With overdrive then it will follow this pattern

What do you guys think?

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This upgrade will create alot of lag the multiplayer game


Same goes for Photon Swarm

moron is from a cereal coupon what did you expect


The bullet spam on your drawing is ridiculous, it needs to be toned down. Also 10000 waves seems like enough of a requirement to unlock a more powerful Moron Railgun.

And finally like what trueuser said, it’s a starter weapon that’s supposed to be weak. Even the description urges you to upgrade to a better weapon.


moron is just the starter weapon and its should be weak as it is
and the upgraded moron with overdrive seems more than just lag creator for us

its doesn’t matter. you can just turn on low detail for less lag. however moron doesn’t have that low detail so it may be a problem for others


Moron railgun is just a training weapon like how iA said.
Just get another weapon like how recruit and the game said.
Also, people don’t really hate it, I enjoy it actually.


Moron Railgun is the weapon used to train new players, there’s no point upgrading it or make a gift for it
Besides its not useless, you can have fun with it and if you do an entire mission with Moron only it literally gives you 32.5% weapon virtuosity bonus


What the hell?! 32.5%??? Bro im buying moron rn


You have to not use the moron for at least a week to get 32,5% bonus, otherwise it’s only ~8%


Yes, and it only works on normal missions (not on challenges like dailies, league, etc.)


Starter Weapon. If you want a better moron, get boron.

Moron with that power and virtuosity makes it too good.


corn has a better 8% virtuosity bonus that still works on challenge missions

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is there a boss weak against corn shotgun

Corn doesn’t have any strengths or weaknesses in CIU.

Ohh alright

All I’m gonna say is that the Moron Railgun is THE MOST terrible weapon and has the worst DPS of all other weapons and should never be used in a multiplayer match.
Just saying, it’s not me going against the idea, it’s just facts.
Although I was thinking each 100 waves used with the Moron Railgun, the max power level increases by one.

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