New Idea: League Expansion and Other Stuff

You get an award for flying the most waves in a week, an award for coming in first in the daily mission but no award for winning the most dares in a day / week. That’s what we need… i think. You get keys for being in the top 10.
Most Dares Won In A Day (Daily Top 10)
Most Dares Won In A Week (Weekly Top 10)

Every day you log in, you will get keys based on your position in the league.
№1 gets 1000
№2-3 get 900
№4-5 get 800
№6-10 get 700
№11-25 get 500
№26-50 get 400
№51-75 get 300
№76-100 get 200
№100-125 get 150
№125-150 get 100
№150-200 get 500 and that’s the lowest position that earns keys.

Your league stats (Win to Loss ratio + Difficulty you usually select) will be calculated together to give you a rank. It will display in the league menu. It will go as follow, copper / private, bronze / corporal, silver or sergeant, golden or captain, and so forth. Not sure whether it should be based on military ranks on metals so I gave both examples.

When you start shortage missions, your weapon automatically changes to the weapon selected by the mission, but it retains the level of upgrades that you have on yours. The amount of projectiles is limited, and so if you shoot too carelessly you run out of projectiles and are forced to surrender. The waves are different from basic chicken invasions.

The Slob God boss. A giant slob that is enourmous and slow. Shows up at the end of certain droid raids. Attack is similar to the “Blast from the past” But instead of shooting all projectiles at once, he shoots them one by one in a clockswise manner. Upon death he drops 1000-2000 units of food.

A giant droid boss that shows up in some droid raids. Gives out a warning, after which fires a laser in both horizontal directions. The angle of the attack turns 90 degrees (it’s kind of similar to the apprentice boss). Then he shoots 3 projectiles aimed at the ship. Then it repeats. Amount of projectiles he shoots increases as he loses health. Dropds 1000-2000 units of food upon death.

Mummy Chicken - is pale white with empty dark eyes that have red lights in them. Moves slowly and has souls circling around it. Upon death, souls are released from it. They can be killed, but if you run into them you move slower for a few seconds.

Cyberhens - chickens that have fused themselves with machines. One side of their head is made out of metal, and bodies have wires sticking out and a screen in the front. Upon death releases a blast in a short range, upon coming into contact with which your controls get scrambled for a second.

Monsanto Chickens - a chicken raised on GMO. Sharts out eggs very rapidly and has a spread of a few angles.

Hypnohen - upon showing up on the screen makes other chickens circle around it, protecting it. Summons mummy chickens.

Which idea do you like and want to see in the game?
  • #1 - League Leaderboards
  • #2 - League Salary
  • #3 - League Ranks
  • #4 - Shortage Mission Type
  • #5 - Too Fat To Fly Boss
  • #6 - Omegadroid Boss
  • #7 - New Chickens
  • Nothing… this sucks big time

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Well Omegadroid is a good choice since we have only one type of boss in droid raid. and league salary is a great addition to motivate people to go higher in the leagues

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Might want to correct this to 50.


:thinking: then you could ask people to give you 0% dares

how about diving the prizes by 10 and fix some prices, it’s supposed to be a daily basis not something people can rely on

current is fine

basically those kind of things where you have to be resourceful about each and every actions, just simplelized

skip it since i don’t prefer bosses

  • if it’s a mummy why dont it have feathers and toilet papers covering it instead, the space might have some floating around
  • it’s similar to the reverse control which some of us had a talk about it, nope
  • not gonna end well
  • that’s gonna disorder the wave throughout missions
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