New Idea: Freeze Cannon


Freeze Cannon is a satellite that launches a cannonball filled with a compressed freezing gas. The cannonball itself deals 2000 damage. Once hit the enemy, the gas is being released which reaches the radius of Bird-Flu Gun’s AoE effect’s area. Every chick coming in contact with gas will immediately become frozen (see CI5’s Frozen Chick for reference). However, chickens, upon the contact with gas, will take damage dependent from distance from Freeze Cannon’s AoE effect. Dropping chickens’ health to 0 by using previously mentioned gas will make them become frozen.

Remember that not every chicken is vulnerable to gas, which means UFO Chickens, UFO Chicks, Chickenauts are immune, but Pilot Chickens and Metal-suit Chickens will take less damage. It is also not recommended for fights with bosses that are not organic and bosses wearing any type of warm clothes.


it’s cool, i guess

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So that mean any chicken that have or wearing an equipment will not effect?

I thought this topic is about new boss idea (Yolk cannon) :rofl:

Any weapon/item that delay the enemy’s movement can pose some problems like chickens disappearing/despawning when they shouldn’t have yet.

Unfortunately, that can’t be fixed yet.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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