New idea: double waves/invasion

what will happen if we add a double wave Event like double square its going to be harder but double waves is the double the fun and maybe this event start on any time like if the event so if you are on a wave your next wave will be a double wave and if it starts and you are starting a wave it will be double to and i think its a good idea maybe it will be harder if your next wave is twice infinty it will be duplicated so give me all ideas that can improve this topic and replay what you like


you mean double the pain

okay, can’t wait for gatling wheel x slice of armored pie


Probably won’t be the case.

Anyway Palpitating grid + Tangled mess?

It may work as double team, where only bosses that can work in pair are present
I mean if the wave pool consists only similar zoom level waves and no spacecraft rotation involved.
It would a nice gimmick and I would like it more than double team since there would be a ton of combinations avaiable

I support this idea and suggest to call it “Invasion+” missions and make it a llicensed planetary mission only.
(The last stage of Ironman may be have double waves to spice up difficulty)


I’ve always thought about this idea Idk how to explain but it’s fighting a boss+wave, example: Infinity Chick+Bundle o’ Chickens.

But double waves sound nice too(also duplicate the same wave like in double team).

This mission should be added to artificial moon and need CHL to do this

  • do you like this idea
  • no need to be added to the game

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