New idea: Clans and Clan wars


In this idea will have Clan and Clan wars:
-Can hold about 120 members
-Can invite friends and other peoples
-Can promote anyone(If you a Leader of the Clan)
-Ranks include:
Leader(Can invite,kick any members and edit clan)
Officer(Can invite,kick any members and edit clan)
Member(Can invite,kick any members but cannot edit clan)
-Fight chicken and players with friends
-Explode new galaxies
Clan wars:
-4 Clans fight each other (pvp, pve)
-Clan get a high score(in killing players or chickens and bosses) will win and rewards
-Other Clans will rewards but lower than the winner Clan
-You can get score by killing chicken, killing other players on other Clan,killing bosses


there will already be squadrons which you can form with your friends and explore galaxies with your friends via them so there’s no need for clans or so


Did anyone here even read all plan updates?


you’re daaaaaamn right!!!..nobody :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Nope, i read it several times. But a person sometimes happens to forget something.


Ummm…I believe @EmeraldPlay’s comment was was firmly pointed at a group of people which does not include you. He didn’t mean literally everyöne, he was juſt expreſſing exaſperation (a ſentiment I ſhare) at ſome of the moſt frequent poſters in the laſt few days. If the ſhoe fits, wear it.


I did not take it seriosly, i just try to enter a little irony in my post hehe.


In my opinion pvp is a bit hard to make. Theres nothing to dodge behind. So whoever gets red gun (counting on max power, from CI 3,) would rule the game. Maybe a point system would be great through.


Lock-on weapons like the Lightning Fryer would be worse.


You are right. As I said there can be a wave system of chickens and every clans members point collects on clan point. Than these point can made a leaderboard and winners get some type of medallios or clan money for upgrade their clan or show it at clan Hall. Check up my housing system for understand what I want to mean with clan Hall.


Well I like it that is good