New Idea : Boss From CI5

I have an idea, that Ice Golem from CI5 may be added to CIU.
Attacks :

  1. Ice Comets - he shoots 10 comets
  2. Frozen Chicks - he spawns 15 frozen Chicks that come drop any side
  3. Lighting - he spawns 7 bolts
  4. Small Cubes - he throws some ice cubes at you

That boss will be in Planets that has Snow, Boss Rush and Double Team missions


Welcome to the CI forum.

Ice golem has been suggested MANY times before sadly.

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It should have an additional new boss

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Welcome recruiter to the forums

You don’t have to tell us the attacks we already know it
sadly someone suggested it before

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Add it so that I can turn it into stupid memes like the stickbug and the sus face


This idea is…

BAD .__.

good idea,now add them to ciu

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that mission in ice mode

Your comment is…

im not doing this you’re a dick

Ok,i don’t care
I just said this is a bad idea

ok now you really are a prick

do you have nothing constructive to say

just going to comment “ahahahah your idea bad now give me likes”

and that too to someone who just got into the forums

fucking hell


I have the right not to like the idea
Because this idea is not creative
Take the old boss and put it in CIU, we already have it so…no need to drag anything of the old CI version into CIU anymore.
We need new boss,not old boss

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you do have the right to not like idea, but straight up commenting “idea bad” isnt creative either is it

also 90% of the game is recycled content adding more recycled shit wouldnt affect game too much its just 1kb more in the recycling bin

at least explain why you dont like idea, why it should be added or give reasons on why you dont like, just saying idea bad is rude af

also this is the person’s first post on the forums, they are new here, you’re driving people away like this


Of course, there will be people who like to bring the old boss into the CIU
But for me…it’s no longer suitable for CIU, CIU must have new bosses that are different from previous CI versions.
So there’s a reason why I say this is a bad idea

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should have said that first then shouldnt you

im not questioning your content addition preferences im questioning your etiquette


Haizz,you know…in life, there must be praise and criticism
Hope you understand…but for now I’ll stop texting here
And it’s best not to add anything from the old CI to the CIU…it’s no longer relevant .__.

oh my god are you being deliberately obtuse, did you not read anything, anything at all, criticism should be proper, there’s a fine line between criticism and insult


This idea is not so creative too. Moreover, this boss is appeared only on planet surface, more precisely on the Frozen Planet like “Eta Astropelecea”, so making it capable of flying and fighting in the space seems quite ridiculous

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planetary missions and planetary bosses its suitable in Chicken invaders universe and o want planetary missions i need these missions.

No its not possible, the jellyfish boss cant come because there is no water, and heart of the darkness also need a cave like place, idk about ice cubed, it is the most possible one out of all, but its is still taking ice debris in the planet so no. and planetary missions are coming after the game is released

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