New HUD: Show current weapon

Have you ever forgot what was the last weapon you equipped in a wave? Resulting your plans to fail..?

This HUD got you covered!
It’ll display the current equipped weapon gift near your heat bar, so whenever you forget, you can always look at it to see what weapon you currently have!

(And in case people may confuse it for real gifts, it can just carry the two letters used for it when using colorblind mode.)


Because why would you look at what you’re firing when you can make it complicated?


But the thing is how would it work?

It’s supposed to show your main weapon in the top left.


still how?
spoiler: i mean it will only work for people without common sense

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you don’t have common sense

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r/wooosh now delete ur reply

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why would i delete it?

it works if you pause for too long and when you come back you think of the ultimate plan for getting pecking order then realize its corn shotgun

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Ah yes. Responding with r/ihavereddit outside of reddit. Love the irony.


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