New hardpoint idea

this is Stargate
when will be mounted will maintain the weapon and the power of the weapon from a previous mission on a single planet missions!
the price: 800 keys!


So we would be able to start with 2147483647 firepower? This totally wouldn’t be exploitable or anything.


if you don’t wanna use you are free to not use! :smile:
myabe could put also some limitation as well something like a maximum firepower!

Nice idea (especially for boss rushes)

Well… too op
Maybe making the level and not the :zap: the thing that mantains
(8 is enough imo)

edit edit

how about for the missions of a single constellations or maybe the missions of a single planet!!!

The problem is: the hardpoint mantains the :zap: collected during the previous mission and doesn’t stack with the even previous or not?

the hardpoint mant

basically you will start a new mission with the same weapon with the same :zap:

So it mostly obsoletes buying and upgrading weapons?

you think so?
i modify the original post!
better on a single planet missions!