New Greatest Achievement

Discovering the entire galaxy is quite a challenge due to the size of the galaxy and the amount of fuel used.
I believe that even the greatest achievement is to complete all the tasks that can be found in the galaxy.

I explain:

We have 125 constellations to discover and a minimum of 20,000 missions. (I do not include missions that are available to people with CHL and key rush mission (I consider them additional missions)).

If we complete all missions in Constellations …
we will get a shard to construct a reward.
The notification of the achievement will come to notifications.

A total of 125 Shards can be obtained.

If we get the right amount of them, we will get the achievement:

Apprentice of an Authentic Hero

Reward for completing all quests in 40 constellations.

Veteran of an Authentic Hero

Reward for completing all quests in 80 constellations.

Successor to the Authentic Hero

All quests completed!


Where’s Bronze and Silver version of that one?

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And key rush missions,too because you can play them only once .

The Rewards is surely nice, but I recommend another bronze or silver ones for lower acheivements.

think about how difficult is to complete all the mission in a constellation…or I should say there’s not so difficult but it need a lot of time and there’s no kind of reward!..and some rewards would not be so bad for complete a planet an constellation…and all the constellations!

Okay. However, I decided to add them because I thought that one cup from all missions would give more satisfaction than separate three

I haven’t played but will also add.

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